Frequently asked questions

How to buy Tene products?

In our online store, you can add the product to the shopping cart and choose the payment method that suits you. You can also choose to pay in installments at the checkout. The prices of the products include VAT, but the shipping cost is added to the products according to the exact delivery address. The transport price will be confirmed with you by our customer service after receiving the order.

How can I pay for my purchase?

It is possible to pay for purchased goods:

  • by transfer to Tene current account
  • with a bank link (choose the bank that suits you from among the icons)
  • by credit card
  • in cash at the factory in Haapsalu (card payment is not possible at the factory)
  • in cash when handing over the goods to the driver (if the goods are delivered by factory transport)
  • With installment payment, learn more about our installment payment partners from the menu item “purchase information”
How long does it take to deliver the TENE garden house?

You can see immediately available products under the corresponding category. Garden houses with 28 mm and 40 mm wall thickness produced by the Tene garden and wooden house factory are mostly stock items. If the product is not in stock, the customer’s order will be fulfilled within a maximum of two months from the receipt of money to TENE’s current account.

The factory always produces houses with a wall thickness of 70 mm according to the order, and the order fulfillment time is usually between 3-8 weeks from the receipt of the advance payment to the TENE account. The exact order fulfillment time is agreed upon personally for each order. The order fulfillment time depends on the season.

How are wooden- and garden houses and hot tubs delivered to the customer and how are the products packed?

Factory-produced wooden houses in a package are wrapped in weatherproof film, which ensures that the houses can be stored outdoors.

The hot tub accessories are packed inside the hot tub, and the hot tub with the lid is wrapped in plastic to protect the hot tub from weather conditions.

We can offer various options for delivering goods:

  • the customer comes to the factory to pick up the goods;
  • we order transport to the object from the transport company. The customer must organize the unloading of the goods themselves;
  • The factory crane brings the house package, factory-built house or hot tub to the agreed address and the goods are lifted off with the crane.

NB! The shipping price depends on the exact product delivery address.

Are the houses for sale finished?

All prefab houses produced in the Tene factory are in their natural form without any finishing touches. It is very important that immediately after the installation of the house, the customer covers the doors, windows and walls of the wooden house, both inside and outside, with a wood protection product, because this guarantees and secures the purchased house a significantly longer life.

Hot tubs and parts of factory-built products (eg oval sauna Forssa, Lohja) are painted on the outside with Teknos AQUAPRIMER stain. There is always a note in the product description if the product has already been pre-processed in some way. If there is no mark, it is an unfinished product.

What should be the foundation on which the house is installed?

The base must be smooth. The house package comes with autoclaved foundation blocks, which must rest on a strong and smooth foundation. All types of foundations used in the world are suitable for the foundation, screw foundation, concrete slabs or blocks, concrete slab foundation, tape foundation, stone parquet. It is important that the supplied foundation pieces can rest on a solid surface.

Payment methods

Payment via a bank link

On the page, it is possible to pay with the payment links of all banks common in Estonia.

Card payment allows you to pay with credit cards, ApplePay and GooglePay payment solutions.

Compare installment offers

Montonio offers cash on delivery from various service providers, see more Montonio cash on delivery.

LHV catch-up payment

See more LHV jarelemaks.

Esto installment payment

See more ESTO payment.

Pay later, no extra fees.

Montonio gives the option to pay for the order in 3 installments, without additional fees.

Bank transfer

After placing the order, make a transfer to our bank account. Please use the order number in the explanation. Your order will not be shipped until the money has reached our account.

Methods of transport

I'll pick it up myself

You can pick up the goods yourself between Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Goods are not delivered at lunch (12.00 – 13.00) and at the weekend.

I would like a transport offer

If the product does not have a shipping price, our customer service representative will send a shipping quote to the address entered in your order. The transport prices indicated on the products are valid in Estonia.