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    It is possible to buy Tene garden houses from the www.tene.ee website by sending a request form from the corresponding product to the factory, after which you will be sent a price offer

    By visiting the Tene Kaubandus e-shop www.aiamajad.com, you can add the product together with suitable products to the shopping cart, and by confirming the order, you will be sent a purchase invoice on the basis of which you can pay for the goods.

    • It is possible to pay for purchased goods by transfer to a Tene current account
    • In cash at the factory in Haapsalu
    • In cash or by card when handing over the goods (if the goods are delivered by factory transport)

    Garden houses with 28mm and 40mm wall thickness produced by the Tene wooden houses factory and available on the website www.tene.ee are stock items. We guarantee the delivery of the houses to the customer within a maximum of four weeks from the receipt of the money to our current account.

    Houses with a wall thickness of 70 mm are produced by the factory according to the order, and the order fulfillment time is between 3-8 weeks from the receipt of the advance payment to the factory’s account. The exact order fulfillment time is agreed upon personally for each order.

    How is the wooden house delivered to the customer and how are the houses packed? The wooden houses produced in the factory are packed in a weatherproof film, which ensures that the houses can be stored outdoors.

    We can offer various options for the delivery of goods

    • The customer comes to the factory himself to pick up the goods.
    • We order transport to the object from a transport company – the customer must arrange the unloading of the goods himself.
    • A car with a factory crane brings the parcel to the agreed address and the goods are lifted off with a crane.

    All the houses produced in the Tene factory are produced and packed in their natural form without any finishing touches. It is very important that immediately after the installation of the house, the doors, windows and walls of the wooden house are covered with a wood preservative, both inside and outside, this guarantees and secures a significantly longer life for the purchased house.

    The base must be smooth. The house package comes with autoclaved foundation blocks that must be supported on a strong, smooth foundation. All types of foundations used in the world are suitable for the foundation, screw foundation, concrete slabs-blocks, concrete slab foundation, strip foundation, stone parquet, etc., etc. It is important that the included foundation blocks can rest on a solid surface.


    • 30GB Storage
    • 512MB Ram
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    • 10 databases
    • 1,000 Emails
    • 25GB Bandwidth

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    • Lihula mnt 22b 90510 - Haapsalu, Eesti
    • info@tene.ee
    • + 372 47 22 000
    • www.tene.ee
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