Log cabin Langeoog

Warranty 5Years
Technical information
Logs Length : 410 x 410 cm
Cabin Size: 390 x 390 cm
Log thickness: 40 mm
Wall height: 217 cm
Ridge height: 330 cm
Roof area: ca 23,10 m2
Roof boards: 18 mm
Roof pitch: 13° / 23°
Floor area: 15,20 m2
Floor boards: 18 mm
Treated foundation: 45 x 70 mm
Laminated door: 1425 x 1955 mm
Window: 2 x 515 x 1890 mm / 3 x 915 x 420 mm

All 28mm and 40mm garden houses, log cabins, children’s playhouses, awnings, summer homes and garages produced in the Grupotene plant have a standard set (doors, windows, floors, fixation equipment etc) that make assembling the house a simple and quick affair.

The Grupotene 28mm and 40mm wall thickness garden home 100% set includes:

• The timber material the houses are made of is 100% Nordic high-quality spruce
• The doors and windows are produced from extra-dry (8-12%) laminated timber
• The windows are glazed, open in both directions and contain 100% of the furnishings
• The doors are glazed and contain 100% of the furnishings
• The ceiling and floor are of the 18mm thick profile board
• The foundation beams are of autoclave impregnated timber
• The set always includes storm bars
• 100% of the fixation equipment (nails, screws)
• Installation drawings and plans

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