Projektid „Omamökki 2019“ EU52825 ja „Kevadmess 2019“ EU53174
Tene Kaubandus OÜ suurendab Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi vahendite abil (taotlused EU52825;EU53174) müüki Skandinaaviasse. Projektide kogumaksumused olid 18 470,00 ja 6 000, 00 eurot, millest toetuse saaja omafinantseering on minimaalselt 3 694,00 ja 1 200,00 eurot ja toetused maksimaalselt 14 776,00 eurot ja 4 800,00 eurot


chaletsGrupotene’s chalets are an ideal choice for a normal residential house, additional living quarters or also a summer home.

The exclusive goal of the Grupotene team, consisting of architects, designers and other extremely competent specialists in their fields, is to create Your home. Our catalogue includes more than thirty chalet models of various scales and plans and we also provide the clients with the opportunity of presenting their own designs that use natural and ecological raw material.

Grupotene’s chalets grant the opportunity to create a much more warm, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere than any other type of common construction material. Grupotene uses the highest quality timber in its production: the dry spruce that has grown in the cold and icy Northern European climate and comes from ecologically managed forests – the especially slowly growing trunk is used to produce dense, ultra-durable and extremely resistant timber.  

Grupotene chalets contain all the listed details, including the metal details, the tilt-and-turn windows with double glass, the aluminum window sills, the 18mm thick matched roof boards covered with asphalt roofing paper, the 28mm thick matched floor boards, the laminated doors, the stainless steel door thresholds, the threaded bars installed into each corner of the house with the 58mm or 70mm wall thickness. These details set us clearly apart from other manufacturers.

Grupotene provides all chalets construction elements with a 5-year warranty and ensures the best post-sale customer service.